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Christmas Lunch Menu 2023

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Chicken, pistachio and pear terrine.

Wrapped in Cliffords smoked streaky bacon. Great for your antipasto plate cut into fingers with crackers and pickles or slice and present as part of a buffet lunch. G/F,D/F Full $78 aprox 1100gm, Half $42 approx 550gm, Quarter $25 approx 275gm.


Aged Alpine cheeses, kipfler potato, leek and lemon thyme quiche

Serves 6 as for a main course dish, or slice into 10 to 12 pieces for the buffet table. V, N/F. Approx 1.2kg $56.

Salmon, Fromage Frais and dill quiche

Serves 6 as for a main course dish, or slice into 10 to 12 pieces for the buffet table. N/F. Approx 1.2kg $58.

Vegetarian Main Courses

Middle eastern Cauliflower

Middle eastern Cauliflower on a Quinoa, currant and toasted almond salad with Tahini and yogurt dressing. Serve at room temperature. V,GF, VEG on request. 2 serves $31

Spinach, herb and cheese crumble pie

Spinach, herb and cheese crumble topped pie, oven roasted truss cherry tomato. Warm to serve.V,N/F. 2 serves $28

Meat Main Courses

Pork Nuoc Cham

Braised pork belly (100gm), finely sliced on a bundle of chopped Asian slaw, herbs, peanuts and crispy shallots. Toss and serve cold. D/F,G/F Serves 2 $36

Free Range Turkey Breast

Free range Turkey breast, stuffed with chorizo, preserved lemon and pimento, wrapped in Istra pancetta and muslin. Rolled by us, ready to roast. Full cooking instructions included. Gluten, nut and dairy free.
Full breast Approx 2100gm Serves 8 to 10. $122.
Turkey as above but roasted by us, ready to slice and serve cold. Gluten, nut and dairy free.

Full breast Approx 1400gm serves 8 to 10 $122.
Half breast Approx 700gm serves 4 to 5 $63.


Each side serves four. Sides all $20.40
Roasted Carrots, Cumin, Honey, Currants, Slivered Almonds. Carrots are sliced. G/F, V, D/F
Balsamic roasted Harcourt pears, French lentils, Parmigiano Reggiano, rocket and sage. V,G/F,N/F
Chargrilled zucchini, couscous, roasted truss cherry tomatoes and soft herbs. V,N/F,D/F
Scalloped Potato with a Thyme and Gruyere Crust. This comes in a foil container ready to heat. V,G/F,N/F

GF= gluten free. V = vegetarian, N/F = nut free, D/F = dairy free, VEG=Vegan.
All food comes with heating instructions and serving tips as required.
We make every effort to present our food gluten, nut and dairy free as stated but please be aware that we cook with nuts, dairy and flour in our kitchens.
All weights are approximate. Please email if you have any questions.
Check in store and online for our Biscuits, Christmas Cakes, Mince Tarts, Stollen, Panettone, Panforte and more.