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Hi cheese lovers.

Some of you have been asking about the more artisan imported cheese we would have available before we closed the Deli door in March for the first time in 18 years. We have encountered several problems sourcing and choosing over the last several months. Below are a few of the things we must consider when choosing.

Freight coming from Europe has changed dramatically in the last several months. Some of what might have arrived in Australia via sea freight in the past is now being airfreighted in at 300% the usual cost of air. This has pushed product prices up dramatically.

So with most cheese coming in air freight you would think getting the best quality would be more certain but due to the quicker arrival time but as we have found recently cheese quality has been sketchy and totally out of our control. Some things have been great but others not so.

Then there are the availability issues. Take as an example Fluer di Marquis, the benchmark wild herb encrusted ewes milk cheese from Corsica that we love. We order this cheese every second week, its still on the list but never available and we are told maybe next month. Another is the cheese in the photo here, its Le Jouvenceau goats milk Camembert from France which we would normally be able to offer at $22 but at the moment is $28.50!

So I hope that provides some answers to your questions. Keep asking and keep ordering! We are so encouraged by all the good wishes and orders.

We love you Castlemaine.